Body Image Committee

The goal of the GT Body Image Committee is to encourage Georgia Tech students of all genders to examine their perceptions of body image, and to generate discussion of body image on campus. This was an initiative started by Dr. Jill Barber from the Counseling Center in 2007.

We hope to focus on the following objectives:

Encourage students to engage in a variety of activities that contribute to a positive body image
Challenge students to critically analyze how the media positively and negatively influences body image
Encourage students to evaluate the messages they give to and receive from their peers, friends, and family

Colleen Riggle, Women's Resource Center (Chair)
Melanie DeMaeyer, Women's Resource Center
Elisha Smith, CRC
Amber Johnson, Dietician
Chris Ruiz, Housing
Carol Senf, Literature, Communication, and Culture
Sarah Strohmenger, Housing

Additional rotating member:

Health Promotion graduate interns
WRC Graduate Assistant
Student representative from SGA

**Michelle Cohen Segall, Department of Health Promotion, Stamps Health Services (co-chair 2007 - 2016)

Please email us at if you would like to join the Body Image Committee.